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Welcome to MilNetUK - ISP for UK Armed Forces.

Update 31 Jan 2014


Update Feb 2014 - It seems a while since we made a charitable donation, but I am happy to say that I have just sent a cheque for £250 to the Not Forgotten Association. The reason for the delay in making another donation is that the turnover generated by MilNet of the last few years has been dwindling. Indeed we have now reached the stage where the operations of the company are no longer financially sustainable, and we will be ceasing operations very shortly.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all our supporters over the years (we started in 1999). In that time we have donated more than £10,000 to service charities. JH


Special Announcement about the future of MilNet - 4 August 2013

It is with some sadness that we have to announce that the MilNet email server will be closing down. The reason for the shutdown is that it has become uneconomical to maintain its operation. The planned shut down date is 31st January 2014. All Email boxes hosted on the MilNet email server will cease to be available after that date.

It is hoped that by giving six months notice of the shut down, users will have sufficient time to make alternative arrangements. Any users who have credit on their account on 31 Jan 2014, will be invited to ask for a refund of the balance of their account, any unclaimed credits will be donated to a service charity.

If any users have special reasons why they would like to maintain their email address, please contact jim@milnet.uk.net, stating the reason.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all of our loyal users, some of whom have been using MilNet for many years.

Jim Heck - 4 August 2013.

MilNetUK was formed in 1999 to provide an Internet Service for The UK Armed Forces and provides the following:

  • E-mail boxes and use of web access to e-mail accounts *
  • A variety of domain names for users to have for their e-mail addresses.(eg your.choice@milnet.uk.net)
  • No need to tell us your name and address, thus ensuring your personal security (although personal dteails are required when paying for email boxes)

*Access is free for the first month of use. We make a small charge for the continued use of your mail box (£2 per month, or £20 per year)

More information on the MilNetUK Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Since spring 2012 we have received little or no income from our dial in internet service due to very low uasage. Hence we have been unable to make any large donations to charities recently. Since MilNet was started in 1999, we have donated over £10,000 to Service Charities, including The Royal British Legion, the Army Benevolent Trust, The RAF Benovolent Trust, the Royal Navy Benevolent Trust, and others. See here for details of our latest donations .

MilNetUK is a private limited company, incorporated under the Companies Act 1985. It is run by retired service personel.

Crown Copyright is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office

EMail service ceased

The MilNet email Server was stopped for the last time at approx 1700 GMT 31 Jan 2014. Any problems, contact us via the Contacts page under the About Us page. rgds Jim